Any Device and Anywhere Collaboration

Enterprise need simpler collaboration that can create better synergies between multiple sets of devices

Today’s enterprise look at collaboration as a tool to enhance not only their productivity levels but also to better engage with their workforce and create an innovative work-culture and in order to achieve this, the enterprise community is looking for simpler collaboration tools that can be operated from any device.

As expressed by Vijay Sampathkumar, Country Leader Enterprise Solutions Group – Global Commercial Channels, Dell India, Unified Communications is helping organisations streamline their business processes and boost productivity, reliability, and competitiveness. Some of the big challenges solved by UC include:

Vijay SampathKumar-Dell

  1. Collaboration: Solutions such as instant and unified messaging, presence and VoIP technology foster greater collaboration at a company level. This was not possible earlier and plays a major role in improving business productivity.
  2. Travel Costs: Video Conferencing, WebEx and Telepresence allow people in organisations to collaborate with lesser travel. This saves costs considerably for organisations as it allows people to attend or conduct meetings and trainings in real-time without travel.
  3. Consolidation: UC also allows for the consolidation of voice, video and data into a single network with IP based technology. This helps organisations cut costs and take advantage of underused capacity.
  4. Faster customer service: With UC, organisations can effectively connect a customer to the expert that can answer their questions, or proactively reach out and provide them with the information and expertise they need-when they need it.   This helps in improving customer satisfaction.

“Currently, video collaboration solutions are very popular in India and companies are realising its importance and scope. Therefore, in the coming year adoption in this space is only likely to increase. Larger trends such as the Cloud and Mobile connectivity are also influencing the landscape of UCC considerably. Specifically, buying cloud-based UC applications allows IT to eliminate capital spending and move to an operational cost model in which companies only pay for what they need,” Vijay Sampathkumar from Dell explains.

According to Hrishi Parthsarthy, Director, Alliances and Partnerships India & SAARC, Avaya, Unified Communications allows employees to reach each other faster, help businesses to reduce product development cycles, enhance team communication and move products to the market sooner, thus resulting in higher productivity.

Hrishi Parthasarathy-Avaya

“UC makes collaboration smarter, faster and better from essentially anywhere via PCs, smartphones, tablets and similar devices. This means employees have access to all corporate systems and processes regardless of their location. Customer service can be radically improved with all the various communication systems allowing customer-facing staff to have all the information they need at their fingertips. And deployment costs and ongoing support costs can be significantly reduced. And increasingly companies are looking at cloud-based solutions to help in the rapid deployment of these services,” he adds.

As per the views of Zubair Alam, General Manager, Enterprise Business, NEC India, in today’s fast paced business environment, it is imperative for employees and customers to interact frequently without any obstacles barring the communication. UCC technologies assist organizations to communicate seamlessly both with customers and with one another by creating an IT architecture that integrates unified communications functionality into any business process, and on any device – including PCs, softphones, smartphones, video conferencing and the latest tablets.

CM3_3615 NEC

“Organizations are gradually realizing the power of UCC, which not only helps in streamlining their business processes but also propels productivity by – reducing product development time and costs through use of voice, web and video collaboration. UCC provides an effective framework for geographically distributed teams to work together by reducing process/human latency and accelerate time to market. Diminishing the need for travel, UCC also reduces travel costs and give back hundreds of in-transit hours back to organizations. NEC India’s enterprise solutions are an epitome of these offerings.

With agility, cloud, collaboration, and service assurance becoming essential ingredients for the smart, secure, and always-on enterprise, NEC solutions ensure that they employ these drivers for an evolving technology foundation. This not only enables new approaches for how IT services are delivered and managed, but also presents new ways for businesses to grow and evolve IT delivery,” he explains.

NEC defines key values for smart enterprises under four pillars:

  • Business Agility: empowering mobile workforces and creating a more adaptive IT environment that is more responsive to business needs
  • Cloud Delivery: delivering flexible deployment models that enable swift business growth and increased efficiencies
  • Collaborative Communities: providing powerful tools enabling a rich user experience for collaboration across organizations
  • Assured Services: delivering highly available, secure, and scalable infrastructure designed for business continuity

And as enterprise community continues to adopt better collaborative techniques and applications, there is a demand to seamlessly integrate collaborative solutions on multiple sets of devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops that can be running in multiple set operating system environments.

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