Nikon Launches Nikon Z 7 & Z 6 Full-frame Mirrorless Cameras in India

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Nikon India has unveiled Nikon FX format (full-frame) mirrorless cameras Nikon Z 7 and Nikon Z 6, with three new NIKKOR Z lenses featuring a new larger-diameter mount, and the Mount Adapter FTZ.

The three new NIKKOR Z lenses are the standard zoom NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S, the wide-angle prime NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S, and the standard prime NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S.

At the launch today, Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director, Nikon India said, “The new products are designed to deliver a new standard of optical excellence embodying the technological brilliance in new mount and optics, yet retaining our renowned legacy, the mirrorless cameras brings imaging to new heights and challenges the norm. With features that offer creative possibilities the cameras deliver an unparalleled standard of optical brilliance that are sure to delight a photographer’s fancy. Packed with powerful features, all the products showcase Nikon’s legendary craftsmanship that will empower users to expand the realm of photographic capabilities.”

He further added, “The all new Z series mirrorless cameras and NIKKOR Z lenses unlocks a new dimension in optical excellence for photographers and videographers. The mirrorless camera systems inherit a new dimension of Nikon quality and optical performance, while supporting future advances in video & image making.”

The Z mount system is comprised of mirrorless cameras featuring a new, larger-diameter mount, as well as compatible NIKKOR lenses and accessories. This system has been realized through the pursuit of a new dimension in optical performance. It has inherited Nikon’s tradition of quality; superior imaging technology, great operability, and high reliability, all innovated from its digital SLR cameras.

At the heart of the new Z mount system is the new, larger-diameter mount, which unlocks further possibilities of lens design, increasing greater capabilities in optical performance. The Z mount system will offer a variety of high-performance lenses, including the fastest lens in Nikon history, with f/0.95*. Additionally, the new mount adapter will enable compatibility with NIKKOR F mount lenses, adding to the variety of choices for photographers.

The letter “Z” represents the culmination of Nikon’s relentless pursuit of ultimate optical performance, and a bridge to a new chapter. It is about redefining possibilities to provide image-makers with tools to realize greater creativity.

Nikon will expand the value of mirrorless cameras through the pursuit of a new dimension in optical performance, and by upholding Nikon’s tradition of quality while responding to the evolution of imaging technology. By providing image makers with stimulating new products, Nikon will continue to lead imaging culture.

The S-Line is a newly designated grade of NIKKOR Z lenses that adhere to a new benchmark in optical performance, creating new definitions of design principles and quality control. These lenses realize a rendering performance that surpasses that of conventional f/4 standard zoom lenses and f/1.8 wide-angle or standard prime lenses. From maximum aperture, clear and sharp resolution can be achieved as well as beautiful bokeh characteristics.

Additionally, the Mount Adapter FTZ has been designed to allow users of Nikon SLR cameras to utilize their existing NIKKOR F mount lenses with the Z mount system and enjoy taking advantage of an even wider variety of lens characteristics with their photography.

Development of the NIKKOR Z 58MM f/0.95 S Noct

Nikon is currently developing the NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct, the fastest lens in Nikon’s history, a standard prime manual focus lens. The design of the Noct lens exemplifies Nikon’s mission to pursue the ultimate optical performance in the mirrorless category. As the result, the Noct is positioned at the top of the S-Line. In addition, Nikon is planning on releasing a variety of new lenses that will continue to expand its line of attractive, high-performance NIKKOR Z lenses that further extend photographers’ creative expressions.

Development of the MB-N10 Multi-Power Battery Pack

The MB-N10 Multi-Power Battery Pack that is currently in development will hold two EN-EL15b rechargeable Li-ion batteries, effectively increasing the number of shots possible and/or movie recording time by approximately 1.8×. It will provide the same level of dust and drip resistance as the Z 7 and Z 6, and will support USB charging using the EH-7P charging AC adapter.

Price & Availability:

All the below products will be available for purchase across India starting 27th September, 2018

Nikon Digital Camera Z7: INR 269,950
Nikon Digital Camera Z7 + NIKKOR Z 24-70mm F/4 S + Mount Adapter FTZ Kit: INR 326,950
Nikon Digital Camera Z7 + NIKKOR Z 24-70mm F/4 S Kit: INR 314,950
Nikon Digital Camera Z7 + Mount Adapter FTZ Kit: INR 281,950
NIKKOR Z 24-70mm F/4 S: INR 78,450
NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S : INR 66,950
Mount Adapter FTZ : INR 19,950
NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S: INR 50,950

All the below products will be available for purchase across India starting November, 2018

Nikon Digital Camera Z6: INR 169,950
Nikon Digital Camera Z6 + NIKKOR Z 24-70mm F/4 S + Mount Adapter FTZ Kit: INR 226,950
Nikon Digital Camera Z6 + NIKKOR Z 24-70mm F/4 S: INR 214,950
Nikon Digital Camera Z6 + Z6 Mount Adapter FTZ Kit: INR 181,950

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