REDCHIMPZ 5D+ Cardz Review: Amazing, Innovative Package for Kids

Virtual Jungle Safari comes alive and inside their home for kids with Redchimpz 5D+ CARDZ – which is a great, innovative and quite a cost effective product to engage young minds

As more and more parents look for innovative ways to increase their kids level of engagement with their surroundings and mother nature – Redchimpz, a Gurgaon based start-up has come up with 5D+ Caardz, which is an innovative product to keep children curious and encourage their self-learning capabilities.

With 5D+ CARDZ children can quite literally take a virtual tour, right inside the realm of animal kingdom or understand the mysterious world of insects and birds through 3D visualization and interactive games.

These Cardz can be used with the help of a free App that the company has developed. The app is available both on android and iOS and has to be installed first, and then the serial key has to be scanned in order to initiate usage.

The app then registers the user and then a kid can select a particular theme from – AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), 3D Library, Activities and VR Game.

While using the AR functionality, you have to place the animal/bird card of your choice on a surface and point your smartphone at it – whichever animal/bird/creature you’re pointing at, magically comes to life and this is not all – you can make it move around your room as well. While in the VR mode, you need VR glasses to view the VR content.

3D Library of this product has all the animals in natural surroundings and you can make them walk, run, etc. Activities has quizzes and games to test your knowledge in an interesting and fun way.

This product is quite aptly priced at INR 349 a pack, this can be the perfect gift for your kid to learn in a fun way. These cards comes with themes such as – Animals, Birds, Insects, Aquatic animals.

Here are the main features of 5D+ CARDZ:

•16 flashcards enabled with AR – simply scan the card to see your
•favourite creatures in 3D. Tap the screen to make them move or make a sound.
•16 Virtual Reality journeys – Rotate the screen to see how they look from every side. Go for a walk with your favourite animal in the virtual world.
•Click and share a picture in AR
•Interactive 3D Library
•Hands on learning activities and quizzes
•300+ Interesting trivia
•Appropriate for kids age 3 and above

Final Verdict

5D+ CARDZ can be a wonderful gift for any kid and presents a perfect combination of education and fun. It can help kids understand pretty complex scenarios and facts about animal life in an interactive manner.

The AR and VR capabilities of this product can help visualize new concepts more easily and help kids in recalling facts in an easy manner. This is surely an effective way to increase kid’s interactivity behavior and help him understand nature, the interesting way.

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