Huawei Upgrades Smart Cloud Solutions to Drive Industries’ Digital Transformation

At the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021, Huawei announced upgrades to version 3.0 for three of its smart cloud networking solutions – CloudCampus, CloudFabric and CloudWAN – which are shaping the future of campus networks, data center networks and wide area networks, respectively.

Huawei has also put forward scenario-specific solutions, resulting from joint innovation with industrial partners, which will accelerate the digital transformation of industries.

Huawei’s Global Industrial Vision (GIV) 2025 predicts that by 2025 there will be 100 billion global connections, that 85% of business applications will be cloud-based, and high-speed network connectivity will be available to everyone. corners of the physical world.

The network is integral to the digital transformation of businesses, and future-proof corporate networks must deliver an optimal cloud access experience, agile transport and deployment of services, proactively detect change. service and constantly anticipate network risks.

“In the area of ​​IP networks, Huawei remains committed to developing intelligent cloud network solutions, in collaboration with global partners, to accelerate the digital transformation of industries,” said Kevin Hu , product line president Huawei data communications network. “We are confident that our recently upgraded CloudCampus, CloudFabric and CloudWAN solutions will provide endless power to the digital transformation of industries. ”

CloudCampus 3.0
Huawei’s CloudCampus 3.0 solution is an ideal choice for businesses looking to prepare the future of their campus networks for the era of cloud computing. This solution sets itself apart by delivering a “100 Mbps everywhere” wireless experience, a single global network with high-speed SD-WAN interconnect, SDN-driven cloud management, and intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M) for customers. users and applications. It also comes with a number of entirely new products, including Huawei’s AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 APs, Multi-GE CloudEngine S switches, Wi Fi 6 CPEs, and Huawei’s NetEngine AR8000. These exciting new products enable companies to innovate more, unleash the value of data, improve business efficiency.

CloudFabric 3.0
Huawei’s CloudFabric 3.0 hyperconverged data center network solution is the first to achieve Layer 3 autonomous driving network capabilities. market (TTM), as well as an intelligent network-wide operation and maintenance system to proactively predict 90% of failures. Based on an all-Ethernet architecture, this solution is ideally equipped to build lossless compute and storage networks, freeing up 100% of computing power and advancing intelligent improvement in businesses.

CloudWAN 3.0
Huawei’s CloudWAN 3.0 solution enables businesses around the world to build future-proof smart WANs, accelerating their digital transformation. As businesses migrate to the cloud and production networks become IP-based, CloudWAN 3.0 incorporates new “five times more” capabilities: single-hop cloud access, versatile single-fiber transport, scheduling One-click fast, extended connection to a single network, and built-in security with one stop. These features help accelerate service deployment in minutes, create converged support for all services through a single network, facilitate intelligent traffic optimization and load balancing,

Huawei’s smart cloud network offerings have been widely acclaimed in industries such as government, finance, transportation, and energy. At the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation 2021 conference, Huawei also showcased an extensive range of scenario-tailored network solutions, including the intelligent customs network solution, the intelligent campus network solution for higher education, the network solution Smart Airport Integrated IP, the Smart Financial Network Solution, the Smart IP Network Solution for Power Transmission and Transformation, and the CloudCampus Network Solution for Oil and Gas.

Taking it further, Huawei’s intelligent customs network solution innovates with super capacity, intelligent experience and autonomous driving capabilities. With this solution, customers can accelerate their digital transformation and build a new foundation for smart customs, enabling more secure and convenient cross-border trade.

In the higher education industry, Huawei’s smart campus network solution facilitates the delivery of high-quality education by establishing state-of-the-art digital infrastructure and integrating end-to-end network security.

Dans le secteur de l’énergie électrique, la solution de réseau IP intelligent de Huawei pour la transmission et la transformation de l’énergie s’appuie sur des technologies de pointe – telles que le découpage en tranches basé sur FlexE, le tout-Ethernet à très large bande et la gestion et le contrôle intelligents – pour offrir une expérience de réseau déterministe. Cette solution permet aux compagnies d’électricité du monde entier de faire progresser efficacement la transformation numérique de leurs réseaux électriques tout en accélérant la transition vers l’ère de l’ « Internet de l’énergie ».

To date, Huawei’s smart cloud network offerings have served more than 12,000 customers in more than 140 countries and regions. Going forward, Huawei will collaborate with even more partners to enable more business innovations, thereby contributing to the success of a wide range of industries and laying a foundation for the digital transformation of the industry.

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